More Info on Nursery Rhymes

The rhyme is a repetitive song that has lots of words which do sound similar but may have different meanings altogether. Most of these songs are made for children to memorize. At times they do have comic content in them. If I remember, I sang lots of nursery songs and I can sing them now too. I know of 20 nursery rhymes. These songs are always simple and can be recalled.

We have popular nursery rhymes that are sung by kids all over the world. What we know is that their origins don’t matter the content wins it all. Kids love to play and sing out loud! The other song I really love is the “Wheels on the Bus Song” there are so many online videos and you will be definitely spoilt for choice.

As adults, we may place these songs on the television for our kids to watch and sing along. For example “wee Willie winkle” is a great kind of song that has a fantastic video. Probably you will not allow your kid to get bored this festive season. We have lots of Christmas nursery rhymes online; this is a time to teach your toddler!

Wheels on the Bus Songs