GoKhoj – Far from Being a Complete Shopping Blog


GoKhoj may appeal to pretty much anyone looking for ideas to buy gift items or improve their shopping habits. While the blog still seems to be quite “incomplete”, with a very limited amount of information about what it actually claims to cover, things may change soon given that it posts fresh content on a regular basis.

Limited Topics Covered

As mentioned above, GoKhoj currently seems to be covering only a limited number of topics. Some of the topics that it frequently posts about include footwear, watches and gift baskets. It also talks about some other types of gift items, as well as how to go about making gift items at home.

While the topics may seem interesting and useful, it’s surprising that the blog still hasn’t touched upon most of the topics it claims to be based around, including clothing, fashion accessories, toys, and more. This really isn’t a good sign, as it makes it look a little ignorant about its goals.

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The good thing, however, is that the blog has started posting more frequently, and this may mean that it would start covering new topics soon. If that happens, it may not take long for it to turn into a major shopping blog given the impressive quality of content it has posted so far.

The Layout

The layout seems to be pretty simple and basic. However, it’s functional enough to allow for easy navigation. The homepage not being flooded with large chunks of texts help as well, making it look more organized.

The “recent posts” sidebar on the right is handy as well if you want to catch up on the latest content posted by the blog. However, the blog may want to get rid of that blank advertising banner right above it, as it’s kind of annoying.

Finally, when you go a little lower, you would find a “Tags” sidebar on the right including a bunch of relevant tags the blog has posted about. This may come in handy as well, as clicking on one of them will pull up all the relevant posts based around it.

A Final Word

Finally, we can conclude that while GoKhoj has some quality information about a few popular shopping topics, it’s far from being a complete shopping blog. However, if it starts covering more topics in the future, it may definitely be a good blog to subscribe to.