Teach Your Kids about the Joys of Christmas Using Christmas Hymns

Each year, December comes and the Christmas season begins. There are dozens of Christmas hymns that we listen to during this time of year. It helps us bond over the joys of the holidays.

It’s a time where we can use song to celebrate what’s most important to us – our families.

For many families, this is the one time of the year that everyone gets together and sees each other. It’s also a time where friends and neighbors gather to celebrate and appreciate their community.

Christmas Hymns Are Getting Lost on Children

As wonderful as holiday hymns are, children are no longer growing up with these hymns. Instead, they are flooded with pop music that comes and goes by the month.

They spend their time on trivial matters and they are missing out entirely on the benefits that listening to and singing these hymns can bring.

Watch and Listen to Hymns Online

You can fix this by watching Christmas music online with your child. YouTube has a vast collection of Christmas songs that you can access with the search bar alone. Show your child the joys that these hymns and songs can bring by watching videos of them online.

If you are looking for a specific place, you can subscribe to Mum Mum TV and listen to one of our favorite Christmas songs for the holiday season – Jingle Bells.

Jingle Bells is just the first of the many Christmas songs that will be added to the channel. These videos feature fun animation and follow along lyrics that your child will get a kick out of. It keeps their interest and gets them involved with the song the whole way through.

The scrolling words make it easy to sing along with the song as well. You can watch the characters as they act out the song, or you can teach them the words and sing along as the video plays.

More Info on Nursery Rhymes

The rhyme is a repetitive song that has lots of words which do sound similar but may have different meanings altogether. Most of these songs are made for children to memorize. At times they do have comic content in them. If I remember, I sang lots of nursery songs and I can sing them now too. I know of 20 nursery rhymes. These songs are always simple and can be recalled.

We have popular nursery rhymes that are sung by kids all over the world. What we know is that their origins don’t matter the content wins it all. Kids love to play and sing out loud! The other song I really love is the “Wheels on the Bus Song” there are so many online videos and you will be definitely spoilt for choice.

As adults, we may place these songs on the television for our kids to watch and sing along. For example “wee Willie winkle” is a great kind of song that has a fantastic video. Probably you will not allow your kid to get bored this festive season. We have lots of Christmas nursery rhymes online; this is a time to teach your toddler!

Wheels on the Bus Songs

A Quick Look At Pro-Wrestling and Pro-Wrestlers

pro wrestling league

Pro-wrestling is the term for professional wrestling and this term, pro-wrestling- is used as one of the abbreviations for professional wrestling. This article will take a look at what pro wrestling is in short a detail.

A quick look at pro-wrestling:

  • Pro-wrestling or professional wrestling is a type of combat sports or athletics in the form of entertainment for the hundreds and thousands of viewers. The professional wrestling matches are held as various types of live events in many venues or by touring promotions.
  • The movements or the fight moves that are executed during the event is choreographed in a safety form and manner so that meant to be safe for the players but can largely stimulate pain to the players who are taking part in the professional wrestling.
  • There are federation and also associations for pro-wrestling athletics and for pro-wrestlers.
  • There are also business ventures that have grown in the coming years around the wrestling niche. One such business and the promotional venture is by Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling promoting via ProSportify.
  • Those who professionally pro-wrestle, they are known as pro-wrestler.

The advantages and disadvantages of pro-wrestling:

The advantages:

  • A pro-wrestler can get royalties from several business ventures such as video games and also other types of merchandising.
  • The celebrity status of a pro-wrestler. Hundreds and thousands of people all over the world enjoy watching pro-wrestling matches and of course, they also have their favorite pro-wrestler. Many even look at their favorite pro-wrestler as a mentor and ideal personality whom they want to follow.
  • A pro-wrestler receives weekly payment.

The disadvantages:

  • The work of a pro-wrestler can be stressful enough
  • A lot of time is spent on touring and being on the road for a long time.
  • Some pro-wrestlers can feel very lonely as they move from one place to another frequently and stay longer time away from home.

Some Tips If You Are Looking To Start Your Own Business

Some tips if you are looking to start your own business

If you are looking to become independent and self-sufficient, starting your own business might be a great idea. If you are worried about funding- there is nothing much to worry about it as there are many successful businesses that started out with no funding such as what Anand Mishra Director of Star Infranet has done and his business is very successful today. This article will share some important tips if you are looking to start your own business.

Some tips if you are looking to start your own business:

  • There are many start-up loans available if you really do require some funding for your business. Otherwise, you can just use your existing assets that you possess to start your business without any problems.
  • If you own a car- you could offer services such as delivery service in your local area. Or if you have skills of a baker, you can start your own bakery from your house and eventually open a shop.
  • If you are adept in languages such as French, Spanish, Italian or German- you could work as a freelancer offering your skills for translation jobs.
  • You can also work as a freelancer if you know how to do web design, write articles, proofread or data entry online. There are many websites on the web that help the freelancer who is looking for their first freelancing jobs online such as upwork.com, freelancer.com or elance.com etc. You can also have guaranteed pay from your client through these websites and they help to build your foundation as a freelancer.
  • Do you know how to make homemade products that people would love to use? The websites such as Etsy can help you to do so where you can sell your homemade products. Another great method you can approach is to open your own facebook page to promote your products and sell them.

SearchAllIndia – Messy but Useful

(Photo by Sybill Jecker/Brooks Institute, ©2008)
(Photo by Sybill Jecker/Brooks Institute, ©2008)

There really seems to be a shortage of sources offering quality information about the Indian education system. While there are some government sites, they are outdated and hardly offer anything practically useful.

With that being said, SearchAllIndia seems to be a significantly better source for Indian students for learning more about the education system in the country. However, while it offers information about various important aspects of the Indian education system, it misses out on some crucial topics such as career advice and the best courses to go for in the country.

Messy and Distracted

Well, although it may sound weird to describe a blog using such words, it indeed seems to be the story when it comes to GoKhoj. Seemingly, it tries to cover way too many topics, without bothering about whether they are actually important enough for the potential readers or not.

Furthermore, as it tries to cover so many different topics without posting very frequently, it fails to offer in-depth or very detailed information about any topic, except maybe the importance of school and higher education in the country, which it claims to be based around.

However, as the blog itself has apparently realized, there’s a lot more to be talked about than just the importance of school and higher education. This is probably the reason it started covering more topics, but unfortunately, failed due to its approach lacking the required level of effectiveness.

Getting Outdated

SearchAllIndia hasn’t posted a single article this month, and if it continues to have a similar approach going forward, it may surely get outdated soon, just like the tons of other blogs based on Indian education.

Here’s an example: How to Pick the Best Backpack for College

Similarly, if it wants to stay up to date with all the latest trends in the Indian education system, it may also have to keep updating some of its earlier posts.

Still Useful All the Same

Well, finally, it’s important to mention that despite everything that has been said above, SearchAllIndia may turn out to be quite useful for Indian students. This is especially true given the lack of better alternatives as well as some of the important topics the blog covers.

GoKhoj – Far from Being a Complete Shopping Blog


GoKhoj may appeal to pretty much anyone looking for ideas to buy gift items or improve their shopping habits. While the blog still seems to be quite “incomplete”, with a very limited amount of information about what it actually claims to cover, things may change soon given that it posts fresh content on a regular basis.

Limited Topics Covered

As mentioned above, GoKhoj currently seems to be covering only a limited number of topics. Some of the topics that it frequently posts about include footwear, watches and gift baskets. It also talks about some other types of gift items, as well as how to go about making gift items at home.

While the topics may seem interesting and useful, it’s surprising that the blog still hasn’t touched upon most of the topics it claims to be based around, including clothing, fashion accessories, toys, and more. This really isn’t a good sign, as it makes it look a little ignorant about its goals.

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The good thing, however, is that the blog has started posting more frequently, and this may mean that it would start covering new topics soon. If that happens, it may not take long for it to turn into a major shopping blog given the impressive quality of content it has posted so far.

The Layout

The layout seems to be pretty simple and basic. However, it’s functional enough to allow for easy navigation. The homepage not being flooded with large chunks of texts help as well, making it look more organized.

The “recent posts” sidebar on the right is handy as well if you want to catch up on the latest content posted by the blog. However, the blog may want to get rid of that blank advertising banner right above it, as it’s kind of annoying.

Finally, when you go a little lower, you would find a “Tags” sidebar on the right including a bunch of relevant tags the blog has posted about. This may come in handy as well, as clicking on one of them will pull up all the relevant posts based around it.

A Final Word

Finally, we can conclude that while GoKhoj has some quality information about a few popular shopping topics, it’s far from being a complete shopping blog. However, if it starts covering more topics in the future, it may definitely be a good blog to subscribe to.

KhojIndya – A Combination of Great Content and Lackluster Design


Internet marketing is one of the few industries in the world that have been growing steadily over the past few years. However, while internet marketing has become much more popular (and easier to get into), it’s perhaps just as challenging to not fall for a scam or end up losing quite a bit of money to learn the basics.

That being said, the learning process can be made easier if you have access to the right resources. This brings us to the website we will be talking about in this article – KhojIndya.

Don’t get deceived by the name, it’s just as useful for wannabe internet marketers throughout the world as it is for potential Indian marketers. So without further ado, let’s take a look at both the good and bad about it.

The Good

First things first, a good blog, regardless of the niche it’s based around, is always considered one that posts quality content on a regular basis. That being said, KhojIndya is more than impressive on this front, posting quite a few highly useful and quality articles every month. While there’s some inconsistency, there’s usually never a big time gap between two posts which is a very good sign.

Perhaps the second-best feature of the blog is that it covers a really wide range of topics and methods. This means that you may find quality information on pretty much anything you’re looking for.

Similarly, it gives an opportunity to beginners to learn about various different methods in order to pick the one that suits them best.

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Finally, it’s probably worth adding that the blog seems to understand the needs of its readers well. It knows that topics/methods such as affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, freelancing and the likes may turn out to be the most useful ones for most of their readers, and hence is more focused on such topics.

The Bad

Something about the blog that may instantly put off many of its potential readers is its lackluster design. Internet marketing blogs usually look quite fancy and attractive, and have a professional feel and look.

KhojIndya, on the other hand, sports a pretty basic and dull design. While the simplicity may manage to impress some, most others would be disappointed with the look and feel of the site.

Apart from the design, there doesn’t really seem to be anything to complain about.

The Final Verdict

Well, though the design is pretty disappointing, you really shouldn’t bother given that the quality of information shared seems to be pretty in-depth and detailed. After all, at the end of the day, it’s the content that’s going to help you learn.